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Cindy L. Griffith

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Artist Name
Cindy Griffith, Hunger Mountain Arts
(802) 229-4326

Hunger Mountain Arts
580 West Hill Road
North Middlesex, VT 05682

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Artist Statement

As an artist of nature and painting with a magical-realism style, I enjoy amplifying colors and textures to express my artistic impressions. Inspiration is found playing with light and dark, the sense of warm and cool, forest shadows and mountain sun. Capturing special vignettes in nature is satisfying to my heart and representing this joy on canvas allows others to sample my inspiration of those moments.

Living in Vermont means painting in my art studio located in our home under the watchful eye of Hunger Mountain. I use my own reference photos unless working on a commission piece. However, painting en plein air is always a more three-dimensional experience for me and I try to spend the warmer months painting out in nature.

Through time, I have learned the benefits of starting a piece with a value study and even perhaps some “practice” pieces before the final. Frequently I start with an underpainting of pastel, watercolor or even oil washes. Laying out the painting bones with the underpainting helps in the final placement of characters and also helps to work out composition details.

It pleases me to try other subject matter, but in my heart I am a nature artist.

Contact Info

Hunger Mountain Arts is a business shared with my husband, a Vermont Woodturner. Please visit our website: I can also be reached at 802-229-4326 or


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